Backpack Panel - Blaze Pink or Blaze Orange

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Blaze pink or blaze orange panel to safely provide the required amount of blaze pink visible when hunting and wearing a backpack.  Each state has requirements of how much blaze pink (or blaze orange) that is required to legally hunt (see below for amounts).  Once a person puts a backpack over their blaze pink vest or jacket, being visible from behind is reduced and you are not as SAFE.  Also, the legal requirement is not met. 
The panel has 4 elastic straps with hook and loop fasteners attached.  The straps can be folded back on themselves to make a loop that can go through straps or lashing points on your backpack.  The straps could also be stretched and wrapped around the backpack and attached to each other. 
Blaze pink has recently become legal to use for hunting in Colorado, Wisconsin, New York, and Louisiana.  The requirements for these states are as follows:
Colorado - 500 sq. inches visible from all directions
Wisconsin - 50% of outer garments above the waist
Louisiana - 400 sq. inches

Panel is 9"x14" and the straps are 8"
Custom sized panels can be made.  Email for estimate.
Made in the USA