About us

3 Wall Enterprises is a family company in Colorado that distributes blaze pink hunting gear for women.  We were formed in the summer of 2016 when legislation was being passed that allows blaze pink to be worn during hunting seasons in lieu of blaze orange.  When we heard of the legislation, there were no suppliers of blaze pink for me to purchase a vest for my daughter's first hunting season.

We are excited to lead the movement of getting more women hunting, spending time in the field, having fun, and being proud of harvesting food for themselves and their families. 

Why pink? The color has been proven to be as visible or more visible to the human eye than blaze orange in nature.  There are claims that blaze pink is more difficult for animals to see than blaze orange.

What does pink mean?  Well, to us it means strength and pride for women.  It also symbolizes breast cancer awareness.  We are committed to make a donation to National Breast Cancer Foundation for each sale of blaze pink hunting gear.